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Little Miss Agent provides



Canberra Real Estate agencies with compliant and professional Inventory and condition reports. No need for your property managers to be gone from the office for hours. Book online in minutes and we will do the rest.

How it Works

Complete Form & book in your job

We will email you with formatted and full-size photos

Little Miss Agent will collect keys.

Keys returned to your office

We will prepare your report and check before sending

Prepared report ready for your new tenants without the stress

Services and Prices We have the level of services, No Lock in contracts

The Essentials Package

$ 00.00 /mo

Bookings within 5 business days
Emailed reports within 3 business days of completion
Pay as you go – credit card required on bookings
Reports delivered unbranded

The Altitude Package

$ 149 /mo

20% Off all inventory and condition reports.Priority booking within 2 business days – guaranteed.Emailed reports within 2 business days of completion – guaranteed.Report branded to your company with a logo and your details.Invoiced weekly

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Little Miss Agent saves you money, time and stress.

The average property manager spends:

  • 3 hours at property completing report with travel time
  • 2 hours of formatting, typing, and printing
  • They conduct on average 7 per month
  • 21% of their time every month is spent on this process
  • Cost of $2,100 per month to the business

As an Altitude client, we could undertake 7 properties Inventory and Condition reports for you starting from just $1034 SAVING you $1066 and 35 hours of your staff’s time.

Increase Your Property Management Profits!